Sunday, 20 February 2011

Huge Number of Application From Timorese Youth To Become F-FDTL Member

Tempo Semanal-Dili, 19.02.2011

Kol. Falur (right)
and a n old soldier
 Armindo da silva
a 24 years Falintil veterans
 for the liberation who
has resigned on 20/01/2011
(Foto Doc F-FDTL)
East Timor Secretary State for Defense DR. Julio Tomas Pinto has observed and discuss the recruitment process with the  members of the F-FDTL recruitment commission. Since the end on January this year the East Timor defense force working together with the Defense department to recruit more 600 new member East Timor Defense force.

After the 2006 crises East Timor F-FDTL members reduced from 1300 to some seven hundred members after more then six hundred soldier went left their barack to protest against their own institutions. Since then no recruitment ever take place until the Defense force set up their 2020 plan.

The 2020 F-FDTL plan was criticized by some international because tear a part some of the plan set by Kings Colleges report. The Kings College recommend East Timor should only have a thousand five hundred soldiers while in the 2020 plan East Timor plan for 3000 army forces.

Last year East Timor Defense force set to recruited 600 new members. Thousands young Timorese register them selves and from all those applicants East Timorese defense can't 600 troops because many can't meet the criteria mainly health issues.

For this year the commission has received more then six thousands documents from six thousand applicants to contest for the six hundreds post in F-FDTL.
East Timorese Defense force now a days have at least 1300 troops and with this recruitment will increased it's number to almost 2000 troops.

According to Tempo Semanal source within the Defense force said this recruitment is very important to prepare the new Defense officer to take some post which left by the old veterans who has resigned or those going to retire because of health conditions and other matters as well as to build up the numbers to meet the 2020 plan target slowly. (TS).

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