Friday, 4 February 2011

Tempo Semanal Gives Thanks.

Tempo Semanal went online in October 2008.  Tempo Semanal would like to thank its readers across all the continents around the world, but especially readers in Timor-Leste, Indonesia, Australia, the United States, Portugal, and the United Kingdom.  These are the countries which have the greatest number of Tempo Semanal readers.

We are unable yet to provide you with a proper website, despite the fact that donors in Dili seemm very happy to give websites to other less challenging media outlets.

Tempo Semanal web traffic since October 2008.
Tempo Semanal web traffic in the last 12 months
The USAID and AusAID funded ICFJ program has wasted almost $5 million for a media outlet named which does little but reproduce material that everyone already knows or other more poor media outlets generate as original product.

The Director of Tempo Semanal, Jose Belo, would like to congratulate our readers for staying with us despite our lack of support.  Tempo Semanal receives small levels of support from independent media and friends in Australia totaling about $30,000/year in financial and "in-kind" support.  To those media and friend Tempo Semanal remains deeply indebted.  Tempo Semanal has never taken grants from the large donors in Dili and until they change their ways never will.

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