Friday, 5 November 2010

Do We Timorese need to Learn From This Story?

China is playing smart diplomacy with their aid money in East Timor. China is building many of East Timor many infrastructures such as Foreign Ministry office, Presidential Palace, Houses for F-FDTL, The East Timor Defence Head Quarter and Ministry of Defene building and now we heard China would help build East Timor Parliament office. With such small but effective aid from China make huge impact to East Timor's infrastructures if we compare with the bigest donnor country such as Australia, USA and Europa. This country aids money came with conditions of respect Human Right, Free Media, Democrasy, Tranparancy and acountability while china support Timor Leste with zero conditions. That's the smart diplomacy role China has playing in this small and poorest country made Australia, USA and Europa look bad in the eyes of Timorese. Because the Aids money from Australia, USA and Europe most of them goes back to their country origin for the reason of human capacity building, strenthening judicial process and bla bla.....
China has win a lot of support from the Timorese communitty but there is an invasion from chinese main land in East Timor. In the conners of dili streets full of small chinese shops and these chinese small vendors selol their good into the rural villages . The chinese aids is small if compare to the support from Australia and USA. But if you ask which aids is more effective is chinese aids then those taxe payer money from Australia USA or europe. Where is those Australian and USA billion of Aids goes to? Please watch these video from Aljazeera TV witness Program


Anonymous said...

"Australia, USA and Europa... These countries' aid money came with conditions of respect Human Right, Free Media, Democrasy, Tranparancy and acountability while China supports Timor Leste with zero conditions. That's the smart diplomacy role China is playing..."

I am sure that corrupt Timorese politicians agree that it is more "smart" if China gives them money 'under the table' for 'special' treatment !!

China has never cared about "human rights, free media, democracy, tranparancy or acountability". Neither does Xanana or Ramos-Horta.

Mautoke said...

For all timorese people, there are two lessons to be concluded from this video:

First, These Chinese immigrants can be an engine of economic growth. They can be part of those economic agents to reinforce active economic activity thus fuel development and growth. The spirit of their entrepreneurship can be a good inspiration to local small and medium business people.

Those immigrants show how important to be resilient in doing business, no matter what size or type of business you are in or doing. This is the key to real economic growth.

Great industrialised countries with their economies are shaped in part by economic migration, whether it is immigration or emigration! The contribution of immigrants with their businesses and will to participate in a country development is indispensable. The important factor to be aware of is the national host government regulations on the matter to keep away any potential conflict or social frictions that can arise from this Chinese economic immigration. A good policy in immigration by national government, is what needed to prevent conflict and social unrest as well as any disputes that may arise. A proper and clear policy toward immigrants to be able to integrate into the society in which they are in is needed and must exist.

Secondly, any potential negative issue about these chinese immigrants or the so called 'colony' is their probable inability to integrate into a society in which they are actively performing, as a group of economic engine for local development. To alienate themselves from local way of life or culture is a source of potential social conflict. Ability to integrate and enrich local cultures with their own is truly a positive thing and an asset to that particular host country. National government in a host country needs to be aware of any potential sources of conflict that can arise from this new social phenomena.

What need to be addressed by a particular host country to these Chinese immigrants is again good immigration policy to integrate these people into mainstream national economic activity to fuel development growth. Another crucial factor is clear land and property laws as well as investment policy needed to minimise negative effect that may arise from it. These Chinese immigrants need to be made aware of the importance to integrate into local mainstream in order to prevent conflicts. It is the task of host country's government to create this awareness among the Chinese migrants through good policy, regulations and laws in immigration and national economic activity.

China is a country that reflects unstoppable economic growth. A full march toward prosperity. Thus if they wish to share this ability to other countries through their main assets of growth; which are their resilient people, then any country that accept these people into their society should see these people as potential, blessing or assistance to a country development. As long as, political power remain in local hands to regulate migration policy, then it is safe to say that to accommodate these Chinese people into national economic engine for growth is important. Good governance, good policy in migration, good laws, good justice system, clear regulation in economic activities, in particular laws on land and properties in a host country are those crucial factors to prevent any potential disparity, social unrest and conflict that can arise from this new phenomena of worldwide Chinese immigration.

The key to prevent 'curse' is in local government's hand, as well as the ability to enhance the positive effect of 'blessing' from Chinese economic 'colony'.

Mautoke nia Hanoin.