Wednesday, 22 December 2010

East Timor Discriminative law preventing Ordinary Timorese People Access to Australian Hospital

On September this year, two Timorese woman who have being suffered some kind of heart diseases were fly to Australia for treatment. DR. Dan Murphy in Bairo Ropite Clinics was done an excellent job to safe the two tenages girls lifes.

In that time the clinic has face a huge problem with funding to get air ticket and some small amount of money for the two girls with two other the family member to go to Melbourne but the council Ministers have produced a discriminative law which only allowing the timorese leaders and their families can get treatment in Australia and Singapore while the ordinary East timorese citizen only be paid out of Ministry of Social and solidarity funds if they are sent to Indonesian Hospital. This was informed by the civil cervants who are working in the both ministry of Health and Social and solidarity. (TS)

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