Thursday, 9 December 2010


Timor Oan Hadomi Animal is a non-profit organization focusing on animal welfare in Timor-Leste. The objective of this organization to provide voluntary services to protect animals and prevent any disease which could potentially jeopardize human life in Timor-Leste. Furthermore, we are well aware that the condition of the environment in which animals are kept in Timor-Leste is in need of radical improvement, in the case of both domestic animals (livestock) and pets. Based on our empirical research, the majority of East Timorese do not have enough knowledge and information on how to take care of their animals, in terms of animal rights, food, health and so forth. From these crucial points, we East Timorese, along with like-minded friends from other countries, are intending to establish an activity or an organization to involve East Timorese so that they will be able to pay more attention to the condition of animals in this country. We believe that through these ideas and activities, Timorese will have more mindful perspectives in animal care, especially owners of livestock but also pet owners.

The activity of Timor Oan Hadomi will involve many people at many different levels in order to a create better environment for animal life in Timor-Leste. We would approach people at national and local level, engaging them in the process of delivering better service through our training programs, door-to-door campaigns, personal animal treatments, distribution of medicines and intensive consultations. Timor Oan Hadomi Timor constitutes an association of veterinarian doctors as well as people who are interested in providing better services for animals in Timor-Leste. Membership of this organisation will not be compulsory nor will we impose financial contributions in order to involve as many East Timorese as possible in helping us to implement TOHA's programs. It will be a worthwhile voluntary mission for all of us to make what changes and improvements we can to animal conditions in Timor-Leste. This area has received very little attention in the public arena here; however, it is one of the most important sectors in Timor-Leste; to produce quality livestock and to protect animal rights. To strenthening to TOHA's Activity they need some funding.

Please go to the link of TOHA's Blogspot in  ATU VOTA FAVOR IDA LOKE LINK / TO VOTE PLEASE OPEN IN THIS LINK   DEPOIS REZISTU ITA BOOT NIA NARAN HO DIRESAUN EMAIL HAFOIN KLIK IHA ENTRY 4 KUANDU HILI TOHA MAK IKUS LIU KLIK VOTE / then you need to register your name and your email address to vote for TOHA you need to click on ENTRY 4 click VOTE. It's very urgent because will finish by 14/12/2010.

Your vote are really neede to help TOHA win the project to help Timorese animals.

After all of our efforts campaigning for World Vets in the Heska poll, they pulled ahead into first place for a few days. But now.... they have slipped back into second place! So if you haven't voted yet, please do so and ask all of your friends to help, too. Share it on Facebook, tweet it on Twitter, email it to your lists and help World Vets win $25,000 so that they can help us here in Timor-Leste - and in other countries that need their support so much.

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