Friday, 3 December 2010


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Tempo Semanal-Dili, 03.12.2010

About 21.40 (03/12), United Nation Police officers arrived in My fower Bar located in the heart of East Timor Capital in Bairo dos Grilius Dili. There were three UN vehicles and two of them entered to the compound of MY Flower. Tempo Semanal only able to register two of those cars number plate as UN 0894 and UN 0556. The UN police officers consisting of Australian, Philippine and Portugues nationalities entered MY Flower and shot down the main gate.

They did not allowed anybody to leave the area until 22.08 the visitors starting to left while the woman still kept inside the bar and the door still closed down.

My flower is opposite to Moon Bar. In these two bar full of the suspected sex workers from Indonesia, China, Philippine, Thailand and Vietnam.

These place have been using for prostitutions and drugs transaction. These have been several raids and many sex workers and it’s operators have been arrested but it’s in active again. In the past raid carried out by East Timor Immigration police captured some Chinese girls in the bar who are using tourist visa to work in East Timor. While in the same time Tempo Semanal camera captured a suspected UNPOL in a room and trying to scaped.

“I know there are many Timorese women and man always come here to use this place. I know there are some foreigners including the troops who are visiting this place,” said the gate keeper who doesn’t want his name to be release .

“I have been working here as a security guard for some times and it’s good place to make money,” said a Timorese young boy but he is from the area.

He explains the rate for the rooms to be paid by every customer. “Per hour every user have to pay US$15,- for a room and the man have to pay the woman US$30,” said the 29 years old boy.

A PNTL officer seems like doing underground work also stuck in the bar and his pistol was removed by UNPOL later hand back to him. While the other officer stand on the road told Tempo Semanal that, "this is a show of by UNPOL because they are here to help Timorese PNTL not to so things according to their wish eventhough Dili still Under UNPOL control."

"Normally any opperation always carry out jointly between UNPOL and PNTL," said the same PNTL officer.

Acording to East Timor Law any proverty could with the warrant from the cout. because of these the court have order to release those Indonesian women were arrested two weeks ago. The court said the PNTL search of Kartika Bar was illegal.

Many bars and hotel occupied by UN staffs and last week on 27/11/2010 there was a report a UNPOL from Portugal was drunk and suspected to be harrased a timorese girl in in Casa Minha bar located in the sea front of Dili. UNMIT have informed Tempo Semanal that it has zero tolerance but there are some cases happening in Dili. (TS)

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