Thursday, 1 November 2012

TS Video of Hand Over security Responsibility to TL PNTL

Tempo Semanal - Dili, 01/11/2012

This is the video of hand over total security responsibility from UNPOL to PNTL in dili yesterday (31/11). You will see the pictures of the Australian Military parade and received medal and certificate from the President of the country and in the speech of Prime Minister Xanana acknowledge the important role that play by Australia in order to restore peace and stability in the country. 

"In 2006, recognising that we were unable to restore public order by ourselves, and with the survival of our democratic and independent State operating under the rule of law in jeopardy, we were forced to call for international assistance. This decision was shared by our bodies of sovereignty," said Xanana.

"We were fortunate to be able to rely on the great solidarity and the operational readiness of four friendly countries, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia and Portugal, which did not hesitate to send military and security forces to Timor-Leste. Step by step, these forces helped us to return to normality."

Xanana thanked the support heis country enjoy from UN and friendly countries. "In my name, and on behalf of the Government that I lead, I thank and congratulate the Commanders of UNPOL and the ISF for their good work in Timor- Leste. I also want to thank the United Nations, represented by the Acting Special Representative of the Secretary-General, as well as the Governments of Australia and New Zealand, for providing the assistance that comes to an end today," said Xanana.

"We are aware that there will be new challenges in the future. Having rebuilt our security forces, we must now strive to train their members, so that the recent past is never repeated and that our police force is always up to the task."

"The future cooperation with police forces from friendly countries, with models similar to that of PNTL, will now be undertaken bilaterally. This will also be the model by which we will undertake international military cooperation."

"I thank all the international police officers and soldiers and wish you all the best in the future. I hope that your trip back home is a pleasant one."

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